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Movie Previews: Wolverine

Featured, Movies | Posted by Nercm
Aug 22 2008

Wolverine is a fictional and famous character which has been brought to life via Marvel Comics. Wolverine is character that has been extremely popular, and that is fairly well known by just about anybody who is interested in comics. This great comic character has developed a strong following ever since its debut in an incredible Hulk comics issue.

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Recommended Reading: Ultimate Iron Man Vol. 1

Comics, Marvel | Posted by Nercm
Apr 29 2008

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Before anyone says anything, I would like to say that “No”, I am not an Iron Man fanatic nor am I recommending the book because of the upcoming movie this week. But this is a graphic novel that I would recommend even to the non-comic fan.

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Getting the Best out of Comic Con Part 2

Comics, Events, NY Comic Con | Posted by Nercm
Apr 23 2008

Part 2 of getting the best out of the comic book convention. Remember, this is aimed mainly at newcomers, but if there are more that should be posted, feel free to comment on them.

Pictures of my little adventure are on the way. (I promise)

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Ed Norton Vs Marvel (who will win?)

Marvel, Marvel Comics, Movies | Posted by Nercm
Mar 16 2008

It appears that the star of the upcoming movie “The Incredible Hulk” is reportedly in disagreement about the final edits on the final version of the movie. According to Deadline Hollywood Daily,  Marvel Studios Inc, is currently not accepting any of his opinions/ suggestions.  Ed Norton has been known to clash with directors in his past films, most notably American History X. The end of that story was that the Director was fired, and his version was used for it’s theatrical release. 

So what does this mean? Who knows.  But one thing is for sure, it will be only the fans that either wins or loses.

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