Movie Previews: Wolverine

Posted by Nercm
Aug 22 2008

Wolverine is a fictional and famous character which has been brought to life via Marvel Comics. Wolverine is character that has been extremely popular, and that is fairly well known by just about anybody who is interested in comics. This great comic character has developed a strong following ever since its debut in an incredible Hulk comics issue.

Wolverine later appeared as a main character in the famous X-men movie, which brought him into the mainstream. This entertaining and striking character was originally created by the talented writer Len Wein. This character’s subsequent development was done by the talented artist John Byrne. This particular character was much older looking than the others in the beginning, but was revised by Frank Miller who took it to the next level.

Wolverine, who was earlier introduced in a comic book series, is now a part of a major motion picture set to be released on May 1, 2009 (as of this writing). Wolverine’s catch phrase is ‘I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn’t really so nice’! These lines were first written in the eponymous limited series, which continued to enthrall. Wolverine has a keen sense which is animal like, and has cool enhanced and super physical capabilities, which includes retracting bone claws, and a healing facet, which permits and assists him to recover easily from any wound, be it grave or minor.

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To be further explored in the upcoming movie, the Weapon X project has been instrumental in enabling this super power in the superhero. The fans of the already popular X men comics and movies are addicted to this newly emerging superhero, which has been nothing short of a revolution in this world of action packed fictional movies, comics and video games. Wolverine, since he was featured in his own solo superhero comic book series in 1988, has surely come a long way. The movies which will feature Wolverine has been long awaited and will surely be one not to miss. His video games are extremely popular with the gaming crowd, as they cannot seem to get enough of him. This popular aspect of American culture, has slowly but surely moved to all parts of the world. [ad]

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Wolverine is actually a very talented guy, who has a good capacity to learn all languages, and is immensely intelligent.However, he is not really a mean guy, and does not enjoy the process of killing. The new Wolverine movie focuses on Wolverine Weapon X ties, and features his first run in with Sabretooth. This movie is going to be directed by Gavin Hood, and stars Hugh Jackman (who else right?) which means fans are certainly in for a treat.

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