Yeah! Wooo! Bring it on, sucka! Gears of War 2 comes to the NY Comic Con

Posted by Nercm
Apr 02 2008

According to the NYComicCon website,  Epic Games President Michael Capps and writer of Gears of War 2 Joshua Ortega will be showing another preview of the sequel to their smash hit game with Gears of War 2  on Sunday, April 20th at New York Comic Con. 

Expect them to discuss the game in more detail regarding story and gameplay. I’m sure all of us are wondering how they can top the first game. I’m guessing they wont dissapoint. Although the gaming part of the Comic Con will be lead by these developers, expect to see other companies such as Ubisoft, Capcom and Konami to make an appearance.

We’ll post more information as more news comes.

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