Recommended Reading: Ultimate Iron Man Vol. 1

Posted by Nercm
Apr 29 2008

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Before anyone says anything, I would like to say that “No”, I am not an Iron Man fanatic nor am I recommending the book because of the upcoming movie this week. But this is a graphic novel that I would recommend even to the non-comic fan.

The true reason i read this novel was because of two other graphic novels before it turned me on to it. The Ultimates Volumes 1 and 2. Although those graphic novels spanned what happened in the lives of various heroes, there were references to Iron Man that made me want to know a little bit more about the character. Keeping in mind that this takes place in another Marvel Universe, questions about this character kept rearing around like: Why does everyone know Tony Stark is Iron Man? What is that liquid that keeps pouring out of him when he takes off his armor? Why hasn’t anyone acknowledge his excessive drinking in almost every scene as if there wasn’t a problem with alcohol? Especially since he works for S.H.E.I.L.D.!

I was extremely impressed with the origin in this storyline, particularly because it was completely different than the story we all knew for the past 30+ years. Without spoiling the story, I will say this delves much deeper than the character of Tony Stark himself. It goes back even before he was born. Tony becomes both blessed and cursed with becoming a genius. That is all that I can say for now.

The art, done by Andy Kubert and Mark Bagely were very good. There was no over abundance of color or “flashiness”. And there wasn’t any panel that confused what the artist were trying to convey. I felt that Orson Scott Card has outdone himself with the writing and I look forward to reading Vol. 2 of this graphic novel.

The trade paperback of this novel comes with quite a few features in the back. Features include a “Rough Cut” scripting of the first scene, showing rough sketches, Variant pencil and color sketches of the cover art. Conceptual Art of Iron Man including some that did not make the cut. It also provides a brief overview of the origin of Iron Man including his time with The Ultimates.

I definitely recommend this book.

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