Getting the Best out of Comic Con Part 2

Posted by Nercm
Apr 23 2008

Part 2 of getting the best out of the comic book convention. Remember, this is aimed mainly at newcomers, but if there are more that should be posted, feel free to comment on them.

Pictures of my little adventure are on the way. (I promise)

  • #6 Play Games – There is a dedicated section of the Comic Con that has multiple tables for participation in various games. Comprising of mostly RPG’s like Dungeons and Dragons and card games such as MAGIC. There are tournaments that take place and the winner takes home some cool prizes (including cash). But its not just limited to just Role Playing Games. There are video game tournaments as well. This years convention featured games like Super Smash Brothers, Metal Gear Solid 4 Online, Quake Wars, and Iron Man.
  • #7 Watch Previews – This is where they show extended trailers of upcoming movies. Dark Knight Returns, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk were in full rotation this year. You really can’t hear any of it because of all the commotion. But I don’t think it will matter to us fans.
  • #8 Meet B-List Celebrities – Some stars from the show Heroes made an appearance, and so did Lou Ferrigno. If you are willing to wait on long lines to meet them, then go all out. But be warned, you may be asked to pay a fee meet them. I wanted to just take a picture with the Incredible Hulk himself. But I took a glance at the sign and they wanted to charge me $30 to just take a picture. Now I wouldn’t mind paying money to take a pic with a celebrity I guess. But $30 for a guy who’s last acting job was as a neighbor on the King of Queens (for only 3 episodes)?…I don’t think so.
  • #9 Meet the Real Celebrities – Theses are the creators of the comic book characters we all know and love. And the best part is they don’t charge you for shaking their hand. I got to meet the creator of the Joker character, Jerry Robinson there. The man is old…but he can still draw with best of them. I also got to meet the creator of Ghost Rider, Gary Friedrich. He’s currently suing Marvel and Sony over the movie of the same name.
  • #10 The Artist Alley – This is probably the best reason to go to this convention. A section of the floor is dedicated to “the starving artist”. There are so many artists with great ideas just waiting to be discovered. I know I haven’t visited all of them but when I will showcase some of them on this site when I get all my souvenirs in order. Not only do you meet the artist and writers, you can even meet the models that they were based from. Some of them give you their art for free or for a low price just to get their name out there. Very very innovative stuff.

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