Getting the best out of Comic Con Part 1

Posted by Nercm
Apr 22 2008

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On Saturday April 19th, 2008, I attended my first Comic Book convention in New York. On my adventure I began noting some of the things I enjoyed and not enjoyed through it. With these notes, I created a list detailing how to get the best out of a Comic Book convention. This is aimed mainly at newcomers, but if there are more that should be posted, feel free to comment on them.

Pictures are on the way.

  • #1: Enjoy the Art – There are so many vendors out there displaying the sculptures of superheroes and movie icons that it would be almost a sin to miss out on them. The amount of detail and work they put into some of them are uncanny. Even if collecting statues / action figures is not your pleasure, you would be doing yourself a disservice by not checking them out.
  • #2: Check out the Costumes – Just like what I said above, it’s fun to see the amount of people who put their hard work into creating these costumes.
  • #3: Read / Buy Comics – It wouldn’t be a comic book convention without comic books right? There are plenty of vendors selling them at much discounted prices. You can catch up on all issues you may have missed, or get entire story lines for a cheap price. It ranges from 25 – 95% off the cover price. Pretty Snazzy eh?
  • #4: Watch for Scammers – When viewing the art of that the vendors displayed, I was becoming more and more tempted to buy one of them. Lo and Behold there was the most beautiful statue staring at me. It was a chrome plated 12″ statue of The Silver Surfer.
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    The way he was meant to be displayed. When I asked the lady how much it was, she had the nerve to say $4000. Yes, you read that right…FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS (in American currency). Now I’ve seen better looking models for much less. There were other items there that seemed largely inflated. My advice, do your research first before putting a down payment on the item in question.
  • #5: FREE Giveaways – Yes, free giveaways. There are always people out there willing to sell you a product by giving away a sample of it. Prizes can ranging from comic books, DVDs and toy props. Take advantage! You know the old saying, “There is no price better than free”.

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