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World of Warcraft Series 3 announced!

Action Figures, DC Comics, Events | Posted by Nercm
Mar 25 2008

According to a post in, DC Comics has announced new series based on the hit game World of Warcraft. By capturing 3D models of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game, DC Unlimited has been able to create one of the most detailed figures to date.

This Includes:
– Blood Elf Paladin: Quin’thalan Sunfire • 8.5” h
– Dranei Mage: Tamuura • 9.5” h
– Undead Rogue: Skeeve Sorrowblade • 6.5” h
– Human Priestess: Sister Benedron • 7” h

Although they wont be on sale until the holiday season, I’m sure they will make an appearance at the upcoming NY Comic Convention less than a month away.