Gears of War Series 1 Figures are set to explode!

Posted by Nercm
May 06 2008

That’s right, according to Necaonline and Entertainment Earth, these action figures are set to hit stores sometime this spring.

I know what you are thinking…it’s already May, where are they?!?!?  It’s estimated to hit stores before June, but here is a gallery of what is expected just to tide you over. [ad]

For those that don’t know the story of the massive Xbox360 hit, here is a summary:

The game centers on the soldiers of Delta Squad as they fight to save the human inhabitants of the fictional planet Sera from a relentless subterranean enemy known as the Locust Horde. The player assumes the role of Marcus Fenix, a former prisoner and war-hardened soldier. The game is based on the use of cover and strategic fire for the player to advance through the scenarios; a second player can play co-operatively through the main campaign to assist. The game also features several online game modes for up to eight players.

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